Media Planning – Use our expert knowledge of Maori Radio to provide you with a no-obligation proposal for the ideal placement of your campaign. We can advise on the best time zones to use, the most appropriate ad format, number of ad placements required, which stations you’ll need and the programmes which best suit your audience.

Media Placement - MMN is a centralized booking agency for 22 Maori Radio stations throughout Aotearoa. A single point of contact for the whole network. Ask us about booking Māori print publications too.

Bi-lingual Voice Talent – Fluent Maori and English voice talent across a range of ages and delivery styles can be matched to your requirements, ensuring your campaign connects with just the right audience

Translation – For translation of the highest standard we use only licensed translators and interpreters. Whether you want a literal word-for-word translation or an interpretation of the essence of your message - we can deliver. Our rates are reasonable and our turn-around prompt.

Maori Music/Sound Beds – To give your campaign the right “flavour” we can negotiate rights for use of Maori music from a network of local Maori musicians, recording artists, and producers.

Audio Production – We offer reasonably priced studios/sound engineers producing quality work (in tight time frames if required).

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